Green areas
With over 20,000 sq m of existing green, landscaped areas, Coresi Business Park provides a balanced work environment, providing outdoor relaxation within reach. Green areas also help boost communication, interaction and shape the identity of the business park.

Unlimited on-ground parking
Coresi Business Park provides currently over 400 parking places within the secure, on ground parking area; significant additional parking options are available in the nearby public parking.The park is bike-friendly, ensuring secure parking possibilities for over 150 bicycle riders coming to work every day.

Employees working in the Coresi Business Park can enjoy their daily lunch in a large canteen, managed by an experienced local operator. The fresh, savory dishes are changed daily and their prices are suitable for all budgets. The canteen is a cool and relaxing area, in harmony with the young spirit of the business park. Outdoor seating is available during warm season.

Immochan creates synergy between all the functionalities of Cartier Coresi, in order to provide a natural flow, capable of transforming the city and serving the needs of the community. The offices will be connected directly to Coresi Shopping Resort and the Coresi Avantgarden residential quarter via a pedestrian and cyclable artery.