From Planes To Tractors, Over A Quarter of a Century

Launched in 1925 as a plane factory, the former industrial platform was home to some of the most well known brands of fighter planes such as Morane Saulnier MS-35, Potez 25, Savoia-Marchetti 79B, Nardi FN305, until closed by the Russian occupation at the end of World War II.

Converted to a tractor production facility in 1946 and renamed Uzinele Tractorul Brasov (UTB) in 1948, the factory manufactured over one million tractors until 1990, making it one of the top ten manufacturers of its kind in the world.


Industrial Past Meets Business Future

In 2007, after 17 years of continuous decline of UTB, the assets of the company were sold to investment funds managed by a UK-based advisor, Cheyne Capital. Over the following years, the whole area was master-planned for a large scale, mixed-use real estate project, with a total surface of 120 hectares. Since then, the Coresi District Project has seen a rapid development of the key supporting infrastructure, the launch of the Coresi Shopping Resort, a large scale retail area (24 hectares), and the continuous growth of Coresi Business Park, the largest office scheme in Brasov (12 hectares). The landmark tower building, designed by one of the first Romanian modernist architects, Octav Doicescu, as well as the adjacent industrial halls have been subject to a complex refurbishment process, followed by a client-tailored conversion to A class, modern office spaces.