Mar 06

Study: Braşov is the city with the best cost of living in Romania

Brasov is the urban center best cost of living in Romania, according to a study carried by real estate platform and the agency D&D Research and cited by The research analyzed the perception that Romanians have over the cost of living in their city and neighbourhood, compared to their revenues. 

The ranking continues with the cities Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Sibiu, Pitesti, Timisoara, Targu Mures, Craiova, Bucharest and Iasi. […]

In what concerns the historic regions, Transylvania is thought to have the best cost of living, followed by Bucharest and Ilfov, Oltenia and Banat. Moldova, Dobrogea and Muntenia obtained the lowest score. […]

Braşov inhabitants consider Răcădău, Avantgarden and Noua neighborhoods to have the best cost of living. The last three positions are Bartolomeu, Calea București and the Old City of Brașov.

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