Coresi Business Park is a gradual, master-planned development, aiming to reach a total surface of approximately 100,000 sq m within the next 10 years. In addition to the existing, converted office space, the project features 10 new, modern, low-rise office buildings (GF+3F/5F). So far, 3 new building have been delivered, adding up to a total of over 40,000 sq m of A class office space. The business park has a contemporary, campus-like look & feel, providing a cool and inspiring workplace for young employees and dynamic companies.

2018 marks the beginning of construction works on the third phase of the office park, represented by H1 Building, with 13,200 sq m GLA. With impressive floors of 2,700 sq m, H1 Building may accommodate up to 395 desks at each level, while offering abundant natural light, various meeting rooms, co-working and relaxation spaces.
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The extremely versatile layout also allows various tenant splits and renders working spaces starting at 260 sq m.
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While many of our tenants occupy over 3,000 sq m today, some started with offices of 600 sq m. Flexibility and unlimited possibilities of extension on the same premises remain some of our top differentiators. So far, Coresi Business Park enjoys a 100% tenant retention rate. Further more, all existing tenants have been through at least one extension process, proving Coresi Business Park to be a great home for successful business.

“We continue the development of Coresi Business Park with Phase III and we aim to reach 100,000 sq m over the next few years. With this volume, Coresi Business Park will become one of the largest office projects outside the capital city.”